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Week 5 - The Scar

After the big battle and during the return trip, a trial in absentia is held for a party member who did not participate in the mummy battle. He was found guilty, stripped of all gear, stabbed and thrown overboard.

During the trip back, we find out why Marcellus’s snake bit him, cuz he wuz gonna get possessed again…hmmm… what is it with evil and dead things that really like him.

After splitting up the loot, everyone is VERY happy with the results. The party agrees to meet up in two weeks after resting, relaxing, and getting some cool stuff.

During the two weeks, Phorzeez the Bard starts feeling funny in daylight and starts doing bad things to little furry animals. Fortunately, our resident snakeboy did some studying during the time off and recognized the signs of turning into a vampire. Some more research showed it would cost at least 10Kgold to cure him. Sooo now we have a Bardish vamp running with the party, shoved into an urn during the day. With Marcellus holding on to him.

The party decides to go see what caused the big boom and scar south of the port town. Along, the way, we run into an orc scout and his pack of worgs. Plex, Jamie, and our new vampire crush them! Some others help, but wow Jefftang (Ranger) seems to be having a bad night, guess his mind was somewhere else. smirk

After the smackdown, our vampire flies off to scout and finds a bunch more orcs and worgs off to the east. We decide to not go get beat up by a bunch of orcs and head quickly south towards the scar. After an uneventful night, we continue to the scar and reach it in the morning.

We meet a ragged fellow, Obay, who says he’s from a nearby monastery and is looking into the scar. After a few minutes of interrogation, he’s invited to join the party and go to the scar. He also says that people have been finding some magical items in the scar. He finally mentions that he’s been working with a another dude and that we might meet him.

While we get closer to the scar, we see devastation and the occasional imp along the way. As we enter the area of the worst devastation we meet a dwarf, who seems to be looking into the scar and knows the monk-y dude we met before. Some three imps show up and one throws a small firefart at the party, then start working together to cast a spell. Two are shot down, one dying, and the other messed up, the final one disappears. Our new dwarven friend, quickly runs down the other one and begins questioning him.

The little imp starts babbling about the master and daddy… along with exposing himself, nobody ever said imps were smart. Meanwhile that pen of communication, starts scribbling in Gordon’s Backpack again. He’s gonna charge whoever it is that’s writing in it for a new backpack, one with a whiteboard in it. About this time, Marcellus passes out again (hmmm, see para 2 above). The writing says to pass the pen to the sorcerer, so Gordon does, right in the forehead.

Marcellus wakes up as the imp points towards him naming him as a friend of Master and Daddy. Marcellus, after taking the pen out of his forehead and sporting a massive headache, starts to explain. As a child he was mentored in the ways of sorcery by a demon called Luadcouiki who was locked in the large Oak in his parents back yard. After his 19th birthday, hoping to go out into the world on his own to get rich, Luadcouiki sets Marcellus up with another demon who pays well for work. He spent ?? weeks/months working for the Demon, we’re assuming to be the Master, spying on nearby towns. He Contacts the Master by Astral visions only. On the way to the last spying mission in the pirate town of Silkanth, he felt a sudden surge of power and passed out. That must have been when the scar was created by the release of energy from Marcellus. Locals said they saw a smoking form walking out of the scar. That’s about when he woke up naked in the middle of a corn field without any memory of what happened between then and when he left home.

Next the pen starts writing on the ground and the message instructs Marcellus to use the spell in the backpack. The spell ends up taking Marcellus and Phorzeez (the pocket vampire) to the astral plane where Marcellus has a conversation with the Master. The group learns that master’s plan is moving forward without Marcellus. At that time an earthquake starts and a hole opens up in the ground spilling out fire. Everyone flees in direction of town and passes by an orc party. The group learns from the new bad, ass-smelling Dwarf Cleric that they are peaceful group. The party makes it to town and goes to the investigators office.

Mummy time at the temple

This is based on some meta playing in email and a quick session at work today. Turned out quite interesting…Enjoy!

After the battle and loot distribution. The party utilized the remaining heal spells to patch people up. The gobbies coming to and from the mine are happy to accommodate our requests to just start loading the output ore to your boat. And although everyone is interested in the top of the temple people decide to wait till tomorrow for new spells and rest to take place before the sarcophagus is touched.

Everyone except, Ty and Jaime, head to the top of the temple. Adam M., Ricardo, and Gordon stop about 30’ from the sarcophagus, while the rest of the party approaches it. Jake stands as far as he can while still in visual range.

While steve is searching it for traps, Bryan climbs one of the nearby statues. Steve apparently finds a trap and with some difficulty announces that he thinks it’s safe now. Bob hearing this shoves the lid which slides suprisingly easy and falls the the floor with a loud crack. Inside is an dried shrunken corpse wearing misc jewlry and adornments, at the foot of the sarcophagus is 5 small urn-like vases, and what appears to be a mummified dog/animal.

Adam M. casts Turn undead, the Mummy dog howls and jumps out running past into the corner. The corpse inside seems unaffected. At this the corpses eyes pop open glowing with a pale unnatural light and it flies up out of it’s resting place hovering about shoulder height. Bob and clem scream and run 20 ft away, while Sarah stands under it’s gaze paralyzed.

You hear the 5 jars rattle from inside the sarcophagus.

Dan smashes one of the jars and Gordon fires MagicMsl at another one. A misty form floats out of each of them, solidifying into pale humanoids (AKA vamp1 and vamp2). Ricardo shoots a big spike and gets penetration on the big bad floating dude (hereafter called the lich)! During the spiking, the dawg yelps and one of his legs disappears as Ricardo shoots the spike. Bob rushes in and then runs away in fear again. Marc stays back with Clem. Bryan sits on his statue. Steve cowers in the corner. Jake shoots and scores. Sarah is still paralyzed. Adam shoots his crossbow at the lich and misses. The lich grabs Sarah’s face. The dawg is in the corner cowering

Next: Jake shoots and, go figger. hits. Ricardo MagcMsls the lich. Gordon hits lich with ScorchingRay, and sets Sarah’s hair on fire… sorry!! Adam recasts Turn Undead and vamp2 runs away. Marc runs up and jumps on the sarcophagus, misses and falls. Clem chillaxes in the corner, Steve’s still in the other corner, Sarah is being face sucked by the lich’s hand. Ricardo identifies the spell a drain Life. Bob rushes in and runs away again! Bryan sings and everyone feels bettah about themselves. Dan swings at the lich, HITS… and then runs away like a little girl.

Next (things get fuzzy here)... Ricardo MM’s the lich. Adam tries again to turn the undead, gets no success. Gordon misses with next SR. Dan tries to move around to where the vamps are. Bob rushes in, jumps on the sarco … and falls down too. Jake again … yawn… shoots and do I need to say it, ok… he hits. Clem is still in the corner, Steve still cowers. Marc stands up and climbs onto the sarcophagus. Sarah is turning pale, with the lich still attached. Vamp1 moves towards Dan and swings, but misses.

Next … really losing it. Ricardo MMs the lich. Gordon hits hard with final SR. Marc swings at lich and misses. Bob moves around the front of the sarco, swings at the lichs arm… and misses. Jake delivers a crushing head shot to the lich and he stumbles back releasing Sarah. Sarah is just a glowing outline now. Adam gets the last vamp to run away. Bryan trips vamp2… he’ll pay later. Clem tries to heal Sarah, but can’t find anything solid to touch. Lich throws a bottle at Adam, Ricardo, and Gordon, when it breaks – ouch

Next (or maybe not… I’m lost) Somebody hit the lich (Ricardo and Jake?) and he falls back into the Sarcop, breaking two more bottles which leak acid into the sarcophagus and start to melt the lich. Right afterwards, Ricardo’s snake bites him! wtf?? Ricardo falls unconscious. The dawg, Tripod, gets shot in the head by Dan with his pistol. and then killed by Bob who shopped the head off. One of the vamps starts gnawing on Brian. Not sure what else happened… sorry I am old remember… Adam casts light and the two vamps turn into mist and fly into the walls.

Clem pulls the lich’s smoking body out of the sarcophagus, saving the treasure.

We pretty much continue with cleanup. Sarah cannot be moved, since she is just a glowing outline of her former self. We have no choice but to leave her behind. We drag Ricardo off.

We return to the ship and leave before the vamps come back after dark.

The Fourth Week (sounds ominous doesn't it?)

After an uneventful night, the morning is broken by some strange creatures speaking a different tongue. After a small confrontation, interrogation, and intimidation, the little guys start loading their ore onto the boat. Meanwhile during the night, the leftovers have almost finished fixing the ship! We can go home!! But wait, here’s another group with a bigger “boss” with them.

This boss is not happy that our ship came back, and “accidently” bumps Plex. Wrong move, 3 dead goblins and one dead hobgoblin later, the party is looking around trying to decide what to do. Suddenly someone (sorry…forgot who) says we should clean up the mess since the ore carts keep coming every few minutes. So bodies are dumped, cart is pulled… and PITA sees someone in the bush. While checking it out, he suddenly gets all tingly inside and goes bye bye. Fortunately, someone else saw him go down and started in to help and the attacker runs away.

A quick conference and we start heading towards the mine. Along the way, a well dressed little dude invites us to dinner, the poofs when Marcellus accepts. The good news, it wasn’t the little guy that did the poofing, it was someone else, the bad news… it was someone else. The only question is… what or who is for dinner?

Finally, we arrive at the mine, and there’s our well dressed ?friend? waiting for us. A quick discussion and Marcellus and our bard (who still hasn’t entered a character sheet) leave their weapons (except for a little whip) behind and start towards the pyramid? Pyramid? WTF Pyramid? Yeppers sports fans, a genuine “Aztec” pyramid rising from the forest floor. While they are climbing up, the rest of the party waits on the trail. Behind the party a group of a dozen little gobbies line up behind the party, blocking retreat.

One of the hobs grabs Marcellus and the another grabs the bard, the dozen gobs lower their pikes and begin marching towards the rear of the party. Hylorian sleeps 10 or the 12 gobs, the barb breaks their little necks while they are out. The bard gets free, Snakeboy don’t. The party attacks the mob between them and the temple. Once again mayhem, bard trips, Plex, the pally, and the fighters rush forward and begin crushing the little wimpy guys. Marcellus is still trying to get free…

We finally find out who cast the poof on pretty boy, and man does he cast a nasty spell…all the dead little gobs start bubbling and causing damage to everyone around them. Snakeboy uses his little snake, no not that one, to bite his hob captor. Freedom!! Meanwhile, certain members of the party are starting to get a little frayed around the edges, but no one is down yet. The healers say they love you guys, but they ain’t getting near them bubbly gobs. More gobs fall, most of the hobs are down and the big bugbear jumps into the fray!

The big guy gets beat up, but the damned ubercaster casts another necro spell, and the dead hobs become skeletons. The bard trips one and he loses his leg. The cleric joins in and decides to turn all those skelies! Sweet they all run away… Nothing left but a spellful bugbear, the party surrounds it, except the Marcellus who happens to be standing next to the little stone altar. A little compulsion and el culebra touches the altar … brrrr, such a chill. The bugbear is beat down, but suddenly a big ass spike flies right past Plex and imbeds itself into PITA…ouch! Everyone looks around to see where it came from, but no one can react. Marcellus gains control over his body and yells it wasn’t me!!! The bugbear spellcaster suddenly sits up and … gets clobbered finally and permanently dead. PITA ran away after getting spiked and found a really cool looking sarcophagus looking thing at the back of the pyramid, but being a very smart drow, did not touch it. The party cleans up and starts to think about how to get the rest of the ore back to the ship… and should we touch the sarcaphogus? Or just go home rich…

Once again, I probably forgot some stuff, so feel free to chime in… til next time G-out

Week 3

Guess I’m doing updates… Two drow and a ranger sneak into town and kill guards and poor old guy. So much for their neutralness. Ship lands and the rest of the party come ashore to join the fun and finish off the old guy…our neutrality is turning kinda eeeevil too. We find a dwarf!! Doesn’t he look familiar…or is it that all dwarves look alike?? To the bar… the rest of our pirate friends show up…Quick thinking by Capn Plex leads the town to arms (or at least the one squad left). Ding dong, ding dong. Epic pirate battle ensues, cannon fire between docked ships, the town guard fires…mayhem. Wait!!! The pirate Captain survived and is pissed that his ship is trashed, what’s that small pineapple looking thing in his hand and why is it hissing? Ranger Jefftang to the rescue with the shot of day… splits the fizzing pineapple and sets the last pirate and Captain afire!!! Oh yeah, setting gunfire kegs on fire makes big kaboom and the town guard is no more. Where were the drow during this epic battle? Noone but them know… but bodies are found in the warehouse, in the bar, and that sexy waitress with the cash is found dead and penniless. A confrontation between the drow and the shaman w/his barb friend ensues. Finally a loot system is decided upon… or is it??? If I forgot something, please forgive me and add it yer dangself.

2nd week

Stuff happened…. Pirates sailed, drow swapped, Plex leaped, curiosity knocked the elf out, 8 arms are not better than 13 PCs, dwarves die. Onward…

Bar Brawl and Clerical Treachery
everyone comment with your formal char names, or make chars in the character section, I seriously typoed up some names

Bar fight… isn’t it always a bar fight

Drow rogue #1 is taken by a guard for suspicious activity (being black). He is followed by the cleric after the below bar fight.

A fight breaks out between two groups of pirates concerning the legitimacy of serpent attacks. The barbarian is inadvertently mixed into it via a stray flying bottle. Cleric loots a guard corpse and leaves. The party members there end up signing onto the next voyage of the pirate ship

While the rogue and the guard argue together, the ranger fires on the rogue and eventually frees the rogue. The cleric joins the group and loots the 2nd guard. The cleric finding the horn(looted from the guard interesting) blows it. Calling the attention of many more guards. After evading the guard for some time, the cleric decides to blow he horn a few more times, this prompts the (nearly dead at this point) rogue to cast darkness (drow racial) and run. The ranger was able to trip the cleric and run away as well.

A well played bluff from the ranger was crucial in his avoidance of capture. The rogue was able to make it back to the bar and evade the guards with some help from the bartender(and the acquiescence of the party there). The cleric also is able the secure work with the pirate crew at an elevated rate of pay.

The rouge helps the bartender clean up the mess and is able to secure board for the night and also is able to elicit enough info to meet up the the boat voyage in the morning.


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