Bar Brawl and Clerical Treachery

everyone comment with your formal char names, or make chars in the character section, I seriously typoed up some names

Bar fight… isn’t it always a bar fight

Drow rogue #1 is taken by a guard for suspicious activity (being black). He is followed by the cleric after the below bar fight.

A fight breaks out between two groups of pirates concerning the legitimacy of serpent attacks. The barbarian is inadvertently mixed into it via a stray flying bottle. Cleric loots a guard corpse and leaves. The party members there end up signing onto the next voyage of the pirate ship

While the rogue and the guard argue together, the ranger fires on the rogue and eventually frees the rogue. The cleric joins the group and loots the 2nd guard. The cleric finding the horn(looted from the guard interesting) blows it. Calling the attention of many more guards. After evading the guard for some time, the cleric decides to blow he horn a few more times, this prompts the (nearly dead at this point) rogue to cast darkness (drow racial) and run. The ranger was able to trip the cleric and run away as well.

A well played bluff from the ranger was crucial in his avoidance of capture. The rogue was able to make it back to the bar and evade the guards with some help from the bartender(and the acquiescence of the party there). The cleric also is able the secure work with the pirate crew at an elevated rate of pay.

The rouge helps the bartender clean up the mess and is able to secure board for the night and also is able to elicit enough info to meet up the the boat voyage in the morning.



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