Mummy time at the temple

This is based on some meta playing in email and a quick session at work today. Turned out quite interesting…Enjoy!

After the battle and loot distribution. The party utilized the remaining heal spells to patch people up. The gobbies coming to and from the mine are happy to accommodate our requests to just start loading the output ore to your boat. And although everyone is interested in the top of the temple people decide to wait till tomorrow for new spells and rest to take place before the sarcophagus is touched.

Everyone except, Ty and Jaime, head to the top of the temple. Adam M., Ricardo, and Gordon stop about 30’ from the sarcophagus, while the rest of the party approaches it. Jake stands as far as he can while still in visual range.

While steve is searching it for traps, Bryan climbs one of the nearby statues. Steve apparently finds a trap and with some difficulty announces that he thinks it’s safe now. Bob hearing this shoves the lid which slides suprisingly easy and falls the the floor with a loud crack. Inside is an dried shrunken corpse wearing misc jewlry and adornments, at the foot of the sarcophagus is 5 small urn-like vases, and what appears to be a mummified dog/animal.

Adam M. casts Turn undead, the Mummy dog howls and jumps out running past into the corner. The corpse inside seems unaffected. At this the corpses eyes pop open glowing with a pale unnatural light and it flies up out of it’s resting place hovering about shoulder height. Bob and clem scream and run 20 ft away, while Sarah stands under it’s gaze paralyzed.

You hear the 5 jars rattle from inside the sarcophagus.

Dan smashes one of the jars and Gordon fires MagicMsl at another one. A misty form floats out of each of them, solidifying into pale humanoids (AKA vamp1 and vamp2). Ricardo shoots a big spike and gets penetration on the big bad floating dude (hereafter called the lich)! During the spiking, the dawg yelps and one of his legs disappears as Ricardo shoots the spike. Bob rushes in and then runs away in fear again. Marc stays back with Clem. Bryan sits on his statue. Steve cowers in the corner. Jake shoots and scores. Sarah is still paralyzed. Adam shoots his crossbow at the lich and misses. The lich grabs Sarah’s face. The dawg is in the corner cowering

Next: Jake shoots and, go figger. hits. Ricardo MagcMsls the lich. Gordon hits lich with ScorchingRay, and sets Sarah’s hair on fire… sorry!! Adam recasts Turn Undead and vamp2 runs away. Marc runs up and jumps on the sarcophagus, misses and falls. Clem chillaxes in the corner, Steve’s still in the other corner, Sarah is being face sucked by the lich’s hand. Ricardo identifies the spell a drain Life. Bob rushes in and runs away again! Bryan sings and everyone feels bettah about themselves. Dan swings at the lich, HITS… and then runs away like a little girl.

Next (things get fuzzy here)... Ricardo MM’s the lich. Adam tries again to turn the undead, gets no success. Gordon misses with next SR. Dan tries to move around to where the vamps are. Bob rushes in, jumps on the sarco … and falls down too. Jake again … yawn… shoots and do I need to say it, ok… he hits. Clem is still in the corner, Steve still cowers. Marc stands up and climbs onto the sarcophagus. Sarah is turning pale, with the lich still attached. Vamp1 moves towards Dan and swings, but misses.

Next … really losing it. Ricardo MMs the lich. Gordon hits hard with final SR. Marc swings at lich and misses. Bob moves around the front of the sarco, swings at the lichs arm… and misses. Jake delivers a crushing head shot to the lich and he stumbles back releasing Sarah. Sarah is just a glowing outline now. Adam gets the last vamp to run away. Bryan trips vamp2… he’ll pay later. Clem tries to heal Sarah, but can’t find anything solid to touch. Lich throws a bottle at Adam, Ricardo, and Gordon, when it breaks – ouch

Next (or maybe not… I’m lost) Somebody hit the lich (Ricardo and Jake?) and he falls back into the Sarcop, breaking two more bottles which leak acid into the sarcophagus and start to melt the lich. Right afterwards, Ricardo’s snake bites him! wtf?? Ricardo falls unconscious. The dawg, Tripod, gets shot in the head by Dan with his pistol. and then killed by Bob who shopped the head off. One of the vamps starts gnawing on Brian. Not sure what else happened… sorry I am old remember… Adam casts light and the two vamps turn into mist and fly into the walls.

Clem pulls the lich’s smoking body out of the sarcophagus, saving the treasure.

We pretty much continue with cleanup. Sarah cannot be moved, since she is just a glowing outline of her former self. We have no choice but to leave her behind. We drag Ricardo off.

We return to the ship and leave before the vamps come back after dark.



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