The Fourth Week (sounds ominous doesn't it?)

After an uneventful night, the morning is broken by some strange creatures speaking a different tongue. After a small confrontation, interrogation, and intimidation, the little guys start loading their ore onto the boat. Meanwhile during the night, the leftovers have almost finished fixing the ship! We can go home!! But wait, here’s another group with a bigger “boss” with them.

This boss is not happy that our ship came back, and “accidently” bumps Plex. Wrong move, 3 dead goblins and one dead hobgoblin later, the party is looking around trying to decide what to do. Suddenly someone (sorry…forgot who) says we should clean up the mess since the ore carts keep coming every few minutes. So bodies are dumped, cart is pulled… and PITA sees someone in the bush. While checking it out, he suddenly gets all tingly inside and goes bye bye. Fortunately, someone else saw him go down and started in to help and the attacker runs away.

A quick conference and we start heading towards the mine. Along the way, a well dressed little dude invites us to dinner, the poofs when Marcellus accepts. The good news, it wasn’t the little guy that did the poofing, it was someone else, the bad news… it was someone else. The only question is… what or who is for dinner?

Finally, we arrive at the mine, and there’s our well dressed ?friend? waiting for us. A quick discussion and Marcellus and our bard (who still hasn’t entered a character sheet) leave their weapons (except for a little whip) behind and start towards the pyramid? Pyramid? WTF Pyramid? Yeppers sports fans, a genuine “Aztec” pyramid rising from the forest floor. While they are climbing up, the rest of the party waits on the trail. Behind the party a group of a dozen little gobbies line up behind the party, blocking retreat.

One of the hobs grabs Marcellus and the another grabs the bard, the dozen gobs lower their pikes and begin marching towards the rear of the party. Hylorian sleeps 10 or the 12 gobs, the barb breaks their little necks while they are out. The bard gets free, Snakeboy don’t. The party attacks the mob between them and the temple. Once again mayhem, bard trips, Plex, the pally, and the fighters rush forward and begin crushing the little wimpy guys. Marcellus is still trying to get free…

We finally find out who cast the poof on pretty boy, and man does he cast a nasty spell…all the dead little gobs start bubbling and causing damage to everyone around them. Snakeboy uses his little snake, no not that one, to bite his hob captor. Freedom!! Meanwhile, certain members of the party are starting to get a little frayed around the edges, but no one is down yet. The healers say they love you guys, but they ain’t getting near them bubbly gobs. More gobs fall, most of the hobs are down and the big bugbear jumps into the fray!

The big guy gets beat up, but the damned ubercaster casts another necro spell, and the dead hobs become skeletons. The bard trips one and he loses his leg. The cleric joins in and decides to turn all those skelies! Sweet they all run away… Nothing left but a spellful bugbear, the party surrounds it, except the Marcellus who happens to be standing next to the little stone altar. A little compulsion and el culebra touches the altar … brrrr, such a chill. The bugbear is beat down, but suddenly a big ass spike flies right past Plex and imbeds itself into PITA…ouch! Everyone looks around to see where it came from, but no one can react. Marcellus gains control over his body and yells it wasn’t me!!! The bugbear spellcaster suddenly sits up and … gets clobbered finally and permanently dead. PITA ran away after getting spiked and found a really cool looking sarcophagus looking thing at the back of the pyramid, but being a very smart drow, did not touch it. The party cleans up and starts to think about how to get the rest of the ore back to the ship… and should we touch the sarcaphogus? Or just go home rich…

Once again, I probably forgot some stuff, so feel free to chime in… til next time G-out



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