Week 3

Guess I’m doing updates… Two drow and a ranger sneak into town and kill guards and poor old guy. So much for their neutralness. Ship lands and the rest of the party come ashore to join the fun and finish off the old guy…our neutrality is turning kinda eeeevil too. We find a dwarf!! Doesn’t he look familiar…or is it that all dwarves look alike?? To the bar… the rest of our pirate friends show up…Quick thinking by Capn Plex leads the town to arms (or at least the one squad left). Ding dong, ding dong. Epic pirate battle ensues, cannon fire between docked ships, the town guard fires…mayhem. Wait!!! The pirate Captain survived and is pissed that his ship is trashed, what’s that small pineapple looking thing in his hand and why is it hissing? Ranger Jefftang to the rescue with the shot of day… splits the fizzing pineapple and sets the last pirate and Captain afire!!! Oh yeah, setting gunfire kegs on fire makes big kaboom and the town guard is no more. Where were the drow during this epic battle? Noone but them know… but bodies are found in the warehouse, in the bar, and that sexy waitress with the cash is found dead and penniless. A confrontation between the drow and the shaman w/his barb friend ensues. Finally a loot system is decided upon… or is it??? If I forgot something, please forgive me and add it yer dangself.


ok I forgot to add carriage returns, stoopid html p. formatting.

Week 3

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