Week 5 - The Scar

After the big battle and during the return trip, a trial in absentia is held for a party member who did not participate in the mummy battle. He was found guilty, stripped of all gear, stabbed and thrown overboard.

During the trip back, we find out why Marcellus’s snake bit him, cuz he wuz gonna get possessed again…hmmm… what is it with evil and dead things that really like him.

After splitting up the loot, everyone is VERY happy with the results. The party agrees to meet up in two weeks after resting, relaxing, and getting some cool stuff.

During the two weeks, Phorzeez the Bard starts feeling funny in daylight and starts doing bad things to little furry animals. Fortunately, our resident snakeboy did some studying during the time off and recognized the signs of turning into a vampire. Some more research showed it would cost at least 10Kgold to cure him. Sooo now we have a Bardish vamp running with the party, shoved into an urn during the day. With Marcellus holding on to him.

The party decides to go see what caused the big boom and scar south of the port town. Along, the way, we run into an orc scout and his pack of worgs. Plex, Jamie, and our new vampire crush them! Some others help, but wow Jefftang (Ranger) seems to be having a bad night, guess his mind was somewhere else. smirk

After the smackdown, our vampire flies off to scout and finds a bunch more orcs and worgs off to the east. We decide to not go get beat up by a bunch of orcs and head quickly south towards the scar. After an uneventful night, we continue to the scar and reach it in the morning.

We meet a ragged fellow, Obay, who says he’s from a nearby monastery and is looking into the scar. After a few minutes of interrogation, he’s invited to join the party and go to the scar. He also says that people have been finding some magical items in the scar. He finally mentions that he’s been working with a another dude and that we might meet him.

While we get closer to the scar, we see devastation and the occasional imp along the way. As we enter the area of the worst devastation we meet a dwarf, who seems to be looking into the scar and knows the monk-y dude we met before. Some three imps show up and one throws a small firefart at the party, then start working together to cast a spell. Two are shot down, one dying, and the other messed up, the final one disappears. Our new dwarven friend, quickly runs down the other one and begins questioning him.

The little imp starts babbling about the master and daddy… along with exposing himself, nobody ever said imps were smart. Meanwhile that pen of communication, starts scribbling in Gordon’s Backpack again. He’s gonna charge whoever it is that’s writing in it for a new backpack, one with a whiteboard in it. About this time, Marcellus passes out again (hmmm, see para 2 above). The writing says to pass the pen to the sorcerer, so Gordon does, right in the forehead.

Marcellus wakes up as the imp points towards him naming him as a friend of Master and Daddy. Marcellus, after taking the pen out of his forehead and sporting a massive headache, starts to explain. As a child he was mentored in the ways of sorcery by a demon called Luadcouiki who was locked in the large Oak in his parents back yard. After his 19th birthday, hoping to go out into the world on his own to get rich, Luadcouiki sets Marcellus up with another demon who pays well for work. He spent ?? weeks/months working for the Demon, we’re assuming to be the Master, spying on nearby towns. He Contacts the Master by Astral visions only. On the way to the last spying mission in the pirate town of Silkanth, he felt a sudden surge of power and passed out. That must have been when the scar was created by the release of energy from Marcellus. Locals said they saw a smoking form walking out of the scar. That’s about when he woke up naked in the middle of a corn field without any memory of what happened between then and when he left home.

Next the pen starts writing on the ground and the message instructs Marcellus to use the spell in the backpack. The spell ends up taking Marcellus and Phorzeez (the pocket vampire) to the astral plane where Marcellus has a conversation with the Master. The group learns that master’s plan is moving forward without Marcellus. At that time an earthquake starts and a hole opens up in the ground spilling out fire. Everyone flees in direction of town and passes by an orc party. The group learns from the new bad, ass-smelling Dwarf Cleric that they are peaceful group. The party makes it to town and goes to the investigators office.



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