Class: Druid; Gender: Male; Height: 63"; Weight: 103lb; Skin: Very light olive; Eyes: Green in light, Grey in dark


All that is known about Moldevort’s father is he was some kind of human warrior from a band of warriors who allegedly assaulted and took advantage of Mother some 20 years ago. Having not witnessed the event first-hand, Moldevort tells it this way for he has no proof Mother is not a human lover.

Shortly after birth, Mother having no time for mundane tasks like raising a snotty little child, Moldevort was given to an isolated Szarkai cult called the White Label Society (WLS) where he grew up and was taught the ways of the druid. He had occasional contact with Mother during this time, who would explain things like Dirty Humans and “real Drow society.”

In his formative years, Moldevort quickly realized he was not like the others. Constantly being made fun of for his appearance, an outcast in a cult of outcasts, he grew to despise WLS almost as much as he despised his father and Dirty Humans like him.

At the age of 19, through no fault of his own of course, Moldevort was kicked out of the WLS for supposed “insubordination.” He soon discovered “real Drow society” was not all it was cracked up to be, when a gang of purists sent him on a trip (bound and gagged, in a crate) to some Goddess-forsaken coastal town.


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