Marcellus the Snake(Ricardo)

Sorcerer |Age: 19 |Height:5'8" |Weight:180lb |Chaotic Neutral


|* Appearance, Traits + Disadvantages *|

  • Allergic for Flowers
  • Self-Serving
  • Conceited
  • Charming
  • Medium Tan
  • Small Mustash & gotee
  • Shoulder length Brown Hair

|* History *|

Marcellus was born during great famine. Marcellus grew up in the Harbor City of Seethor. As a child he was mentored in the ways of sorcery by a demon called Luadcouiki whom stayed hidden in the large Oak in his parents back yard. Marcellus had a worryless childhood. Marcellus became an apprentice of writer Edwin Koster, where learned the art of fine writing and began a profession as a scribe transcribing books at a local bookstore. Marcellus’ closest friend is a female Half-Elf named Juyx.

Marcellus is out to make money. He’s self serving, doing whatever is to his advantage without screwing people over when he can.

On his 19th Birthday he decided to go out into the world and make something of himself. As of right now he has no memory of what has happened since leaving home. He was found by a farmer in a field of corn, clothed and wearing a Backpack, not the backpack he left home with. He’s not sure how long it’s been since he left home, but the farmer discovered him 3 days before the beginning of the campaign.

|* Goals *|
  • Become awesome
  • Get Rich

Marcellus the Snake(Ricardo)

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