Elven Mage dude.... don't stand too close


10 17 12 17 15 10

saves 1 3 4

Concentration 9 Dec Script 7 Know Arc 7 Listen 2 Search 7 Spellcraft 7 Spot 6


Raised in the elven city of Corelan (home of fine ceramic cookware), Hylorian lived a typical elven childhood. Swing sword, shoot bow, meditate, learn magic, meditate… yanno boring stuff. Of course, elven bars and patrons are so disdainful of excessive drinking (and the obvious aftereffects), Hybbie was soon unwelcome in his hometown. So after reaching his majority, he took his small savings and departed for the big world, looking for the best bar… or at least the nearest one. After months of wandering and really learning to hate that damned dress he’s wearing, he ended up in a small town on the southwestern human side of the continent called Seeth or Shit… or something like that. Worst of all, whiskey is really really expensive in human lands. Stumbling into town he drops his last jug of whiskey. But wait… look….down that alley…..there’s a bar…...
then something else


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